An Integrated Approach

Physicians, mental health providers, and clients can expect an integrated approach to mental healthcare at INPS. Our staff combines objective neuropsychological assessment, personality and symptom rating scales, and neurophysiological data to offer accurate diagnoses. Perhaps most importantly, our unique model provides a meaningful way for patients to understand how their brain self-regulates.

Using comprehensive evaluation, we establish a well-informed treatment plan and offer a variety of mental healthcare services that are adapted to the needs of each individual client. Treatment can include neurofeedback therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, and mindfulness training as well as school and workplace interventions. To ensure our clients are receiving the most efficient treatment, we regularly re-evaluate patients’ treatment course and duration.

The key to successful mental healthcare lies in recognizing that neuropsychological, neurophysiological, social, and environmental factors all work together to influence our emotions and behavior. At INPS, we consider all of these components to come up with a thorough and comprehensive treatment plan.