Dont Just Take Our Word For It

“Rob’s style is collaborative and relaxed yet very serious about the work, keeping a sharp eye out for ictal phenomena and taking great care in he protocol planning to avoid ones that could create unwise risks of seizures and suggesting formal neurological consultation when indicated.”

“I highly recommend anyone who is interested in obtaining the most comprehensive neurofeedback training for their own professional growth and the very best results for their clients to utilize Dr. Coben’s consulting services. It will transform and improve the lives of your clients and greatly advance your skill as a neurofeedback practitioner”

“Dr. Coben and his staff have been instrumental in the advancement of my practice. He is a brilliant neuropsychologist who is taking the field of neurofeedback to another level. The coherence training is producing amazing results for my clients.”

“Dr. Coben has been a consultant to my practice for the past five of the twelve years that I have been doing Neurofeedback. Since consulting with Dr. Coben, we have seen dramatic improvements for our clients that were not consistently obtained until we began using his researched, state of the art model. He is able to take complex information, synthesize it and make it understandable and useful.”

“Dr. Robert Coben’s clinically guided approach to QEEG analysis, with his ability to translate its digital secrets into practical and straightforward NF protocols that reflect the individual’s principal issues, has made a major and positive difference in the results we achieve with our patients.”