Head On! Program

Tackling Brain Development, Recovery and Optimization


Incorporates a three-pronged approach to achieving brain recovery and enhancement. Specifically, we employ nutrition, photobiomodulation and connectivity driven neurofeedback strategies. These strategies have increased scientific support amongst many other therapies as they are consistently shown to decrease inflammation and promote effective neuronal growth, regulation and connection.

Optimizing Neuronal Health

We are what we eat! Improvement of neuronal health starts with what we feed our neurons. High calories, simple sugars, saturated and trans fats, and overcooked/charred foods (most of which are a big part of a “typical” American diet) increase free radicals in the blood supply. Over 70% of the typical Western diet is made up of processed foods, and these chemically altered foods stimulate our immune system which senses those chemicals as intruders in our bodies. Eating unhealthy, processed foods, augments the inflammatory process which leads to chronic infections, viruses, sleep problems, overuse of antibiotics, sedentary lifestyle, decreased motivation and depression. Feeding our nervous system what it needs is a critical focus and key component to CNS recovery and advancement. Research from the US Department of Agriculture confirms that eating antioxidant-rich foods help ward off inflammation by blunting oxidative stress produced by meals high in carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Neuron Repair and Enhancement

Once we begin to provide our nervous system with supportive nutrients, the HEAD—>ON! program then works to regulate and repair neuronal function.
Photobiomodulation is a technique shown to improve brain health by using non-ionizing electromagnetic energy to trigger cellular changes. Specifically, the mitochondria within the cell body absorb this red and near infrared light (NIR) which enhances the cell’s production of “ATP,” the energy that leads to cellular repair and healing. This process also unclogs the chain of Nitric Oxide which, once released, promotes intra-cellular communication and increases blood circulation.
The Head-->On! program offers this technology using a purchasable headset that allows clients to utilize photobiomodulation every day, in the convenience of their home. The headset provides a neuronal environment that promotes neuronal health and improves energy for cellular repair.

Connectivity Within the Brain Networks

In its third component, the HEAD-->ON! program is designed to improve network communication using connectivity based neurofeedback training. The networks involved in the miscommunication are identified using brain mapping. Once these networks are identified, we incorporate neurofeedback to improve the brain’s connectivity and strengthen the function designated to those networks. Using imaging studies, this type of neurofeedback has been shown to train the different regions of the brain to communicate more efficiently, increasing the brain’s flexibility and adaptation.

Advancing the Brain’s Performance

Not every brain limitation can be defined by a diagnosis or condition, but every brain has the ability to improve. Just as there are different levels of athletes, there are different levels of brain training. A novice tennis player must practice to get better, and the better that tennis player wants to be, then the more he or she will fine tune their practice. Likewise, the principles laid out above must be fine-tuned to achieve brain excellence. By enhancing cellular nutrition, the cellular oxidation, gene transcription and communication between highly organized brain regions, a brain can achieve the maximum expression of its capabilities.

Putting it Together

The HEAD-->ON! program, uses effective, research informed strategies known to improve CNS health. HEAD—> ON! provides tools to improve the underlying mechanisms of diagnosable conditions related to neuroinflammation and maximize the efficiency and capabilities of the brain. With HEAD—>On! your brain can be it’s best!