Brain Function Analysis

What is Brain Function Analysis?

Brain Function Analysis uses a specialized assessment known as a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) to map the electrical activity in the brain and provide a picture of how the brain functions. The QEEG is a sophisticated, research-informed tool that allows us to develop effective, personalized treatments for patients.

How Does It Work?

We use either 32 or 64 electrodes placed on the patient’s scalp to measure brain activity. During the appointment, the patient sits comfortably while data is collected with the eyes open for 10 minutes and then with the eyes closed for 10 minutes. The process is very comfortable for both children and adults. We also provide tools to help our clients prepare for and understand the procedure. Click HERE to see our QEEG guidelines and children's picture story. This short, fun presentation helps explain the purpose and process of the QEEG

What About Results?​

By gathering information in real-time and comparing it to a database of demographically matched EEG data, the QEEG provides specific information about brain function that allows us to determine how the brain can better be regulated. Data from the QEEG also provides a better understanding of neurological and psychological issues. The information gained from this assessment is used to determine treatment protocols and therapies.

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