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Multivariate Coherence Neurofeedback for the Home and Clinic

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INS is excited to present both our home training system and our new ProSystem you can use in your clinic to treat and assist multiple patients. At INS, we have always worked to allow you to provide the best services to your client, and even though we are in times of uncertainty, we strive to continue our mission. We have sought out ways to make treatment more accessible and affordable for everyone. This includes the Multivariate Coherence option as well as other options we offer in our Head On! Program. Learn more about our Head On! Program here!

About The Webinar:

  • -Discuss empirical evidence supporting multivariate coherence neurofeedback training for multiple conditions.
  • -Present our remote home training system.
  • -Introduce the new pro-system which you can use in your clinic.

Want To Learn More About Four Channel Multivariate Coherence Neurofeedback?

  • On top of providing you with our free webinar, we also have available a research article and a YouTube video which demonstrates the pros of four channel multivariate coherence neurofeedback

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