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Internationally recognized as brain health experts

Internationally recognized as brain health experts, Clinical Neuropsychologists Robert Coben and Anne Ward Stevens have been helping clients and patients achieve their best lives through brain health transformation since 2004. Committed to sharing their understanding of the power of the brain to regulate health and wellness, our mission at Integrate Brain Health is to provide the tools, skills, and education necessary to help others optimize the brain-body-mind relationship in achieving brain health awareness and improvement.

Integrate Brain Health is a multi-dimensional organization dedicated to improving health and wellness through brain science, counseling, health coaching, education, and community engagement. Our subsidiaries include Integrated Neuropsychological Services, a mental healthcare practice, Integrated Neuroscience Services, a web-based consulting agency for the neurofeedback clinician, Integrated Brain Network, a non-profit organization committed to promoting education and equal access to neurofeedback, and Integrated Health Coaching, an individualized health coaching program.

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